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Sarah Linton is all for the well being, health and happiness of your horse. We all want the best health and performance from our horses, so along with a good diet, regularly maintained feet and teeth, a well fitted saddle and correct and varied exercise program, there are Equine Therapies and Saddle Fitting which can help with health maintenance and healing for the whole horse.

By offering a range of therapies Sarah can help with a variety of problems that may occur. Prevention and maintenance is the key.

Equine Sports Massage and Stretching are the main therapies she uses along with assessing any Behavioral Issues and Gait and Training Problems. Aromatherapy, Bioptron Light Therapy, Acupressure and Myofasical Release, Flower Essences, Herbal & Homeopathic Remedies, are other tools she uses to compliment her work. Sarah believes that by just doing one type of therapy you are limited in helping the whole horse as each therapy works in a different way. Looking at the whole horse is essential to getting everything working the very best it can and getting long term results. By educating owners to look for signs of soreness and learn basic massage & stretching techniques, and looking at how their saddles are fitting, results in a better rider-horse relationship and better performance.

Sarah works with all breeds & disciplines of every level. She regularly does demos on therapies & saddle fitting. Sarah also offers Horse Home Care for horses needing more regular therapy work done on them. If you want to ask a question, try the FAQ's page first, which answers the most commonly asked questions.

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"I would have no doubts in recommending Sarah to anyone who is having problems with their horse. She is friendly and professional and she really knows her stuff."
Amy Dennett


Sarah Linton
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