Sarah Linton

Sarah Linton Assessments

What happens in an assessment?

I allow TWO HOURS for a session and go over your horse’s detailed case history which includes his training & exercise programme, health issues or accidents he may have had, goals that you have, plus a lot of other information.

I do a gait assessment – this includes watching the horse move at walk and trot in hand and sometimes on the lunge plus a few other moves. I give the horse a check over looking for any unevenness in muscle development and feeling for any soreness or tight areas or restrictions.

All saddles that are used on the horse are checked and I also look at dirty saddle blankets. If needed a ridden test will be examined as well to look at pressure areas, how the horse moves with the saddle on, how saddle fits the rider and what the saddle is doing on the horse. If pads or shims are required I can usually make them up on the spot to help while the horse is changing shape. Any important information in what to look out for with saddle fitting will be discussed with owners in this time as well. I do not sell saddles but give a totally independent opinion on what fits. However I often have access to saddles that are for sale or can point you in the right direction.

I usually try and give the horse some bodywork as well which usually includes some massage and stretching and if needed I will give owners homework and follow up exercise to do as well. You get a copy of your notes of what I found in our session, a signs of soreness list and saddle fitting checklist in a folder. I also offer after care support via phone or email if any questions arise after our session.

A reminder about payments – your payment is due on the day of session. I don’t send out accounts unless previously organized so please don’t lose your invoice that I give you at the end of your session.

I do not do body work without checking saddles, and I do not do a saddle fitting without doing any bodywork.

This is how I work, and what I have found works well. It's a process, and I try to educate owners as much as I can, in the best way I know how.

Please Note: I have decided to establish a cancellation policy. If you cancel 48 hours prior to your appointment you will be charged half the price of a session. If cancelling under 24 hours you will be charged the full amount of a session including travel. These charges will apply unless there are special circumstances and these will be judged on a case by case basis.