Sarah Linton

Canine Therapies Testimonials

Jude & Paul Taylor

We have four dogs; three border collies and one border/kelpie cross. Three of the dogs still compete in agility, dear old Bob is now retired as he has arthritis. We were delighted when we found Sarah and she was willing to work on our canines.

We had had some previous experience with therapist's for the dogs, but were not completely happy or confident with any of them - though we knew we wanted to find someone to keep them happy, healthy and in the best possible shape.  

Sarah is fantastic - her gentle approach quickly won all four dogs completely over… was amazing to watch. By her second visit they were competing as to which of them would get on the table first! We think this is really outstanding because all four had conditions at some level that hurt and had lost some confidence in previous therapy sessions (which were usually approached with trepidation!) with someone else.  

And even more outstanding is one of our dogs is very reserved, he has a BIG personal space and is uncomfortable with it being encroached - however, he is the one that is usually first on the table, and Sarah can wrap her arms around him and hug him close....something only we can do usually. Even our elderly cat now joins in and demands a massage too!   

Sarah’s genuine interest and compassion for the animals is poignant. Her interest in their best care extends well beyond her therapeutic visits, and we are especially grateful for the time and energy she puts in to this extended attention.

We could not recommend Sarah more highly.  

Kind regards,  

Jude Haase & Paul Taylor 

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