Sarah Linton

Horse Home Care Testimonials

Katie Jones

I was delighted when Sarah Linton asked me to provide a reference for her Horse Home Care. My 5yr old TB gelding went to stay with Sarah for about 3 weeks in August 08 to help him recover from the serious injuries he sustained when he bolted through a fence in February 08 ripping one front leg open to the bone from top to bottom.

When Sarah first saw Hector she identified the lack of circulation in this leg, the large amount of scar tissue, and the limited bend in his knee. As well Sarah also noticed that he was very tight and sore in his back end from shifting his weight off his injured front leg.

While Hector was staying with Sarah he received regular massage, stretching and in-hand workouts and I was sent regular updates with the progress. At first Hector was very anti to Sarah going anywhere near his back end and Sarah respected his wishes and worked slowly to gain his trust. Sarah soften the muscles his hind end, reduced the scar tissue and increased the both the circulation around his leg and the bend of his knee.

While at Sarah's Hector got the very best treatment and really enjoyed this time there (so much that he was reluctant to come home)!

This Horse Home Care was an integral part of Hectors recovery and today his leg is almost back to its normal shape and he is ready to start a ridden career! I know this would not have been possible without Sarah's skills.

I would recommend Sarah Linton to anyone wanting help with the recovery or rehabilitation of their horse as she is professional, compassionate and gains the horses trust and respect.

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Sarah Billings

Sarah had her work cut out for her when I sent her a horse which I had purchased as a Hunter. He had been ridden in a saddle that didn’t fit very well and as a result suffered some serious muscle damage, he also was unbalanced to ride and eventuality ended up becoming very sore behind.

At this stage I had him checked over by a vet and decided to send him to Sarah to see if she could work some miracle on him. While my horse was in Sarah’s care she kept me well informed of his progress and his well being. Over a period of weeks he made a gradual recovery. And then it was time for him to come home.

Well I was amazed he looked like a totally different horse, the change in his top line was outstanding, he had no more lameness and felt great to ride, he was so much stronger. While this horse was on Sarah’s property she looked after him like he was one of her own.

I was very impressed with the work and results Sarah got in the time she had him at her place. I highly recommend Sarah, my horse wasn’t easy but Sarah never gave up and in the end she got the results.

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Kay Burgess

Sarah has treated all of our horses over the past two years for various issues they have had and also we have had all of our saddles fitted by Sarah to make sure they were not causing any of these problems. Sarah did a wonderful job sorting through our numerous saddles and organising modifications to be done to these to make them suitable for our horses of varied shapes and sizes.

One of our thoroughbreds suffers regularly with back problems. Last year he needed back treatment and Sarah suggested we bring him down to her place as her visits to our area would not be frequent enough for the treatment he ideally required.

On arriving at Sarah’s place we found that she had a wonderful facility set up for horses at her property and we were more than happy to leave our horse there with her.

Our horse stayed at Sarah’s place for approx a month. During this time he received regular massages and treatment for his back problem. He is a horse that we constantly have to feed to keep his weight on – during his stay he was given supplementary feed on a regular basis.

On collecting our horse after a months stay at Sarah’s we were very pleased with his condition and the rest and treatment he had received had improved his back condition 100%. Sarah had also had his shoes taken off and his hooves trimmed for us as on arrival at her place she found he had abscesses in three hooves. The time he spent at Sarah’s was well worth it as the problems he had were treated quickly as opposed to over a period of several months.

I would like to say that this particular horse does not normally like being touched/ brushed etc and we are continually amazed by the way Sarah works on him and how he is completely relaxed for her and obviously thoroughly enjoys his massage and therapy. He is a different horse when Sarah is handling him.

We would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who needs their horse treated – she has a wonderful caring manner with horses.

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