Sarah Linton


A list of resources available for download as PDFs.

Condition score your horse! Information and PDF download.
Great article written by Dr Deb Bennett that talks about equine skeletal maturity.
This link has access to some of the Bomac Lecture reports. You used to have to pay for all of them but there are some on there now for free that are in pdf form.
This is an oldie but a goodie written by Leo Jeffcott. An excellent article explaining about back pain and also about assessment and diagnosis. The Horse website has a free newsletter and the latest articles on all kinds of equine studies and health problems mostly written by vets. Great place to research different problems that may be wrong with your horse as well as keeping up to date with the latest info.
Another website which has a free newsletter. Very good article which helps you to understand Navicular Syndrome which affects so many horses.
There are a few massage moves and info on the Equinology website. You will see my horse Omar (the bay horse with the Arab face) and my photos that I took on there. Don’t forget that the EQ50 is the Equine Anatomy Pre-course Distance Study course that is only $20US to download. Full of heaps of information and great for everyone to have a read through and well worth the money. No deadline to finish it either. Equinology also have a Canine Distance Study course - CN3005 - which is also very interesting. If any of you would like to have a look at any of the course info let me know and I will bring it along with me on my travels.
This is on Hoof Trimming and Leg Stress: One Step at a time. Just talking about how often feet need trimming and how it affects the hoof angle when left too long etc.
Natural Horse Magazine has made available to the public all issues from Volume 1 (1999) thru Volume 8 (2006). Over 1500 articles on everything to do with natural therapies and much more are accessible as web pages online now.
Pete Ramey’s website on all sorts of hoof information. Lots of articles on there and he also has some very good dvds and books available to purchase.