Sarah Linton

Signs your horse may need help with therapies

Some signs that Sarah Linton - Equine Therapies & Saddle Fitting may be able to help your horse are listed below. Sarah Linton never replaces veterinary care. If you have any doubts as to what is wrong with your horse please contact your vet.

• Dry Patches when saddle taken off • Uneven sweat marks • Cold backed
• Bucking • Rearing • Bolting
• Reluctance to go down hill • Reluctance to go up hill • Saddle sitting on spine
• Saddle bridging • Saddle rocking • Sore back
• High head carriage • Head tossing • Short choppy stride
• Swelling around saddle area • Muscle wastage • Tail swishing
• Ears back when saddling • Drops back to light touch • Sores on back, lumps & bumps
• Refusing jumps, knocking poles • Dislikes saddle being put on • Reluctance to move forward
• Reluctance to go into canter • Difficulty doing canter changes • Difficuty maintaining collection
• Strains and sprains • Sensitive to being touched & brushed • Behavioural issues
• Scuff or rub marks under saddle area • Saddle slipping forward • Saddle slipping back
• Saddle sitting down hill in front • Saddle sitting up hill in front • Saddle sitting off to one side
• Rehabilitation after an accident or injury • Girthy • White hairs
• Saddle sitting on wither • Slow to warm up or relax • Training issues
• Behavioural problems when having feet done • Rider having problems with position • You wish to enhance performance

Uneven sweat marks; white hairs; shocking packing job

Examples of bridging saddles and the effect on a horse's back

Uneven panels

Pad tests; even and uneven

White hair scarring, muscle wastage and lumps on back

Girth scarring and shark's fin withers

Uneven heels, quad muscles, shoulders and knees